Both Byron Woods and North Woods Montessori School are dedicated to inspiring each student to achieve their academic, physical and social potential in an enriched Montessori environment.

Elementary Program

The Elementary program at Byron Woods Montessori School meets the needs of the children as they reach the next stage of development. The children are ready for more complex work as they move toward abstract ways of thinking. Under the gentle guidance of our experienced, fully trained Montessori Elementary teacher, each child is challenged at their own level of skill in all areas of the curriculum.


Our English Program enables the child to gain literacy skills in reading, writing and speaking. These skills are acquired using the Montessori language materials, weekly spelling lessons, research and oral presentations. Emphasis is placed on the development of writing skills and the proper use of punctuation, capitalization, grammar and spelling.


The Montessori Math Curriculum is designed to meet a diverse range of abilities and styles of learning. The curriculum is presented with concrete materials and hands on activities, which enable the child to understand mathematical concepts. Each student is able to work at an individual level of challenge to suit their needs and abilities. The children at this age are introduced to new mathematical symbols and concepts. They explore factors, multiples, temperature, graphs, geometry, equivalency, congruency, symmetry, measurement and use their findings in practical applications in the classroom.


In this area, the natural curiousity of the children is engaged through projects and experiments. The science and technology curriculum includes understanding Life Systems, Earth and Space Systems, Matter and Energy and Structures and Mechanisms. In the Spring, each child completes a science fair project and presents it to the class and at an Open House Science Fair for the parents.


The French teacher incorporates many different presentations with songs, stories, art, games and crafts in order to build their vocabulary. The children are encouraged to speak in French during their lessons.

Cultural Studies

The Cultural Studies curriculum consists of Geography, History, and Anthropology. The children extend their knowledge of continents and culture with research about the people, language, music and food of different lands. Landforms and geographical features are explored using a variety of materials.

History is often introduced with the use of timelines. The children enjoy the interactive use of the timelines of Life, Eras, Time, Clocks, Bicycles and many more. The children are introduced to The Fundamental Needs of Man and are led from there to a discovery of the history of housing, food, transportation, clothing, etc. Studies of the Ancient Civilizations are very exciting for this age.

Physical Education

The goal of our Physical Education program is to instil the importance of daily activity as a habit for our students in order to have them maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. The curriculum includes skill related activities to help with the development of balance, coordination, speed, power and reaction time. Using our sports court to play volleyball, basketball, baseball and soccer, the children learn team-building skills, sportsmanship, cooperation and fair play.


Our Arts curriculum encompasses Art, Music, Dance and Drama.

The students are introduced to the works of a variety of artists representing many genres. They observe and study techniques, colours, lines and media. Combining their observations and imagination, they create their own works of art.

Our Music teacher’s classes are always eagerly anticipated by the children. The basic elements of music are learned by exploring rhythm, beat and tempo through listening, performing, singing and interactive games. The children’s acting, singing and dancing skills are showcased in an all-inclusive year-end performance on stage.

Extended Care

Extended care meets the needs of families for both before and after school with our experienced staff from 7:30 to 8:50AM and 3:30 to 5:30PM.


We are always happy to receive visitors and show them our program. We invite you to tour our school and speak with our Elementary teacher to learn more about our program. Please call to arrange an appointment.

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