Both Byron Woods and North Woods Montessori School are dedicated to inspiring each student to achieve their academic, physical and social potential in an enriched Montessori environment.


My daughters Isabelle and Sarah attended Byron Woods Montessori for a total of three years and loved it. In fact, the only reason we left was to go to a Francophone school. Fran, the senior teacher, was amazing with both my daughters. There were times when Isabelle would be in the middle of a full on tantrum in the parking lot and, with my permission, Fran would simply pick her up, take her into the school, and sit with her until she calmed down. Fran was also great with Sarah when Sarah was having difficulty adjusting to her new school, carrying her around while she attended to the other children. The assistant teachers have also been fantastic and I miss them all! I recommend this school to every one of my friends who inquire!

– Stephanie Hull

Our three children attended Byron Woods Montessori School for several years. As soon as you entered the gates of the playground the atmosphere was one of warmth and welcoming. The teachers and staff were always accommodating to our needs and the in class instruction that the students receive is hands down the best I have seen. Even though we read with our children on a daily basis we always claim that Byron Woods Montessori taught them to read and write in addition to promoting learning at an individualized pace. Great School!

– Matthew Aziz, BA

Matthew and I needed a school for 6 months for our children while we were in transition and we stayed for 5 years! Byron Woods Montessori School feels like a little retreat in the woods! The care and learning is bar none, the teachers first class, programs you will not find anywhere else. My children loved every moment at their little school.

– Sarah Aziz

Fourteen days after our son Macarthur’s fourth birthday he started JK in the public system on a full-day, alternate-days schedule. Unfortunately for our son, the full days were too long, he felt lonely and frustrated, he wasn’t adjusting; he was stressed out and the teachers were confused. We looked into our options and everything fell into place the day we walked into Byron Woods Montessori and met Rhonda McQueen. She was enthusiastic, she understood our concerns, she was positive, and she suggested starting Macarthur on a half-day every-day program noting they would do everything they could to help make the transition smooth and give him a positive school experience. We saw an immediate and positive change in our son.

We planned to move our son back into the public system for SK; however, as the year progressed we realized Macarthur’s education at BWM was surpassing our expectations. As well as his academic success, we enjoyed the kind and supportive nature of his teachers. We also loved the schools environment, perspective, approach and family feel. Our family sat down and made the decision that our 3 year old daughter would also start school at BWM, and that both children would also stay to reap the benefits of the elementary school programs till the end of Grade 3.

The elementary years were full, supportive and successful for both our children. Mrs. McCulloch taught with ease and experience, love and concern. She was personally invested in our children’s success and offered a varied and expansive educational platform. She is a generous and kind woman with a heart of gold.

Now in Grade 4, we are pleased to say that our son reintegrated into the public system with absolute ease and success. He is ahead of his peers in many subjects and has had no problems going from a small personal school to a bigger institution. Our daughter will make the move to the public system this coming September. She has loved BWMS more than words can explain, and we are fully confident she will integrate and be a fabulous success in the public system as well.

It will be very sad to be leaving BWMS, the teachers, and the beautiful school that has been such an integral part of our lives for the past 6 years. However, we have also made life long friends, and we feel so happy knowing we gave our children the very best.

Thank you Rhonda for allowing us to feel such ease and peace that day we first walked in and met you. Your enthusiasm to help, your listening ear and kindness, as well as the years of hard work and dedication these past 6 years has changed the foundation of my children’s lives, and we couldn’t be more grateful. THANK YOU!

– Jim & Charmaine Graham

In September 2007, my daughter McKenna joined the Byron Woods Montessori School toddler/preschool program, but soon we realized it was not just a school, but a family. As a mother, dropping off my 18 month old with strangers should have been the most devastating experience, right? Instead, it was the opposite! As I was walked away with tear-filled eyes, I watched Rhonda MacQueen picking up and consoling my little one like it was her own. A moment of relief that I will always carry close to my heart.

Rhonda leads a staff of caring and gifted educators. McKenna thrived during her Casa years under the guidance of teacher Dawn Hall. Once she moved into the Elementary program, from 5-7 years old, with Mrs. McCulloch, McKenna found a role model. Mrs. McCulloch emphasizes academic excellence, physical fitness, artistic expression and above all kindness and respect for yourself and classmates.

It was truly an amazing experience at Byron Woods not only for McKenna’s reading, writing, mathematics, science and French skills from the ages of 18 months to seven years, but also for us as parents! Byron Woods, from the cozy building, to the engaged staff and the friends our child and we have made, has changed our lives.

Every student/parent/teacher relationship became like family during our six years with the school. We are ever so grateful to Byron Woods Montessori for the grounding, nurturing, academics and much more, provided to our daughter and for us. We still visit and keep in touch with everyone!

– From the Schives Family to the Byron Woods Montessori family – we love you and McKenna misses you.

Five years ago our quest to find a Montessori School program for our Toddler and Casa aged children led us to Byron Woods Montessori School, and we have never looked back. Our children, now in the Elementary program, are academically motivated and confident. It is very gratifying to watch them foster a love of learning, supported by such incredible teachers. I couldn’t have selected better teachers to guide this journey had I hand-picked them myself!

Through the years I have had the opportunity to conference daily with the teachers about our children. This year, Mrs. McCulloch’s progress reports and anecdotes are priceless to me. Our children love and respect Mrs.McCulloch, and she is a wonderful role model who reinforces our value system in our absence. The Elementary classroom environment is comfortable and bright with large windows that invite nature inside.

The School Director, Rhonda MacQueen, is second to none. Rhonda has been attentive to our personal needs, and more than accommodating of our requests. She is empathetic and cares for the children as if they were her own. We appreciate the relationship that we have formed with Rhonda and are grateful for all that she does for our family.

Byron Woods Montessori School feels so much more like a family than a school. The teachers and staff honour parents and students alike. The school’s in-house lunch provider, Miss Gray, noticed that our son does not like grilled cheese sandwiches and as a result now provides him with an alternative choice on grilled cheese days. It makes us feel so happy to know that our children are cared for in this way.

We highly recommend Byron Woods Montessori School to all prospective families. We have had such a positive experience.

– Steve and Cynthia Pym

My children thrived in the warm and nurturing environment of both the Casa and Elementary programs at Byron Woods Montessori. The educators are dedicated and personally invested in each child’s growth and happiness. The staff creates a welcome and professional, yet personal, atmosphere. I feel fortunate to have found this school for my little ones to start their education, strengthen their confidence and consideration, and ignite their enthusiasm for learning.

– Suzie, mother of two, Casa and Elementary

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